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5 Mix – The new name in the dual component cartridge dispensing

Based near Newbury, England, 5 Mix offers a viable alternative for users of specialist dual component plastic dispensing cartridges and ancillary dispensing equipment that are used throughout the adhesives and sealants marketplace.

Our goals are simple:

Design and manufacture world-beating products at an affordable price, combined with superb quality and excellent technical backup.

Offer a competitive and high-quality cartridge filling service.

By following the above goals, we are able to offer products that have best in class performance, can be described as unique and are cost effective.

Mould tool picture5 Mix never take shortcuts and always specify the highest quality tooling and equipment to manufacture products. All tooling utilises the latest material and coating technology to ensure only top quality products are released to market. Furthermore, all the moulding machines incorporate the latest computer control systems to optimise production and minimise any size variations on large batch runs.

The 5 Mix team back up these goals with several years’ expert knowledge within the specialised world of dual and single component chemical dispensing. We can offer advice and recommend a suitable solution on a host of issues and will strive to offer affordable, effective solutions for all chemical dispensing issues – not just cartridges.

One of the major differences of 5 Mix compared to other cartridge manufacturers is our willingness to develop solutions and help smaller users of two component products and cartridges. The existing major players are not structured to offer this kind of in-depth help for small production runs and bespoke solutions. We have a wealth of engineering and technical knowledge that can help users bring solutions to market that out-perform the competition in several ways.

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We have moved!
Our new address is:

Unit 10,
Lower Way Farm
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Tel: 44 (0)1635 861 888

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