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5 Mix offer an extensive range of industry standard static mixing nozzles at very competitive prices. From small, bayonet versions used for 2 x 25ml cartridges, through to large bell mouth versions used on cartridges or dispensing machines.

For ease, we have split our range into three distinct catagories. Click on the picture for the full specifications:


Range summary:
Used mainly on small 50ml twin cartridge systems for dispensing a fully mixed adhesive straight from the cartridge at the point of use. Attaches by simply pushing on and twisting 90 degrees. As supplied, the outlet hole is 1.5mm, but can be easily cut back to create larger adhesive beads.
5.4mm x 7 or 13 or 17 or 21 elements
6.3mm x 12 or 17 or 21 elements

Range Summary:
6mm x 18 or 24 or 32 elements
8mm x 18 or 24 or 32 elements
10mm x 18 or 24 or 32 elements
13mm x 18 or 24 or 32 elements

Mixing Machine / Meter Mix / Dispensing Machine Nozzles

Mixer nozzles for dispensing machines




A full range of high - performance mixers designed for the higher pressures encountered with all types of equipment. Industry standard design at affordable prices. Small orders of only 10 nozzles shipped.



5 Mix are also able to offer a custom manufacturing service for all types of outlet designs. Typical needs encountered are specific outlet sizes, fan type outlets and multiple outlets for multiple adhesive beads. We can design and manufacture a custom solution out of a wide range of materials to couple with your current dispensing equipment. To discuss your specific requirements and needs, contact us and we will willingly discuss through all the options.

The 5 Mix double plastic adhesive cartridge is compatible with most types of nozzles, but gives superior performance, combined with reduced operator effort when using a manual dispensing gun. Compare the full spectrum on the static mixing nozzle comparison page.


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