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380ml Two component Cartridge Range - For Resins, Epoxies, Acrylics and other chemical formulations.

This page contains links to our standard range of 380ml plastic industrial cartridges for two component reactive resins, adhesives and sealants. Click on the specific cartridge ratio that interests you for a detailed description and specification. Please also note that 5 Mix has a very flexible attitude and are willing to develop specific two-part ratios for specialised resin applications and chemical mixes.

1 to 1 Ratio 380ml Cartridge

2 to 1 Ratio 380ml Cartridge

4 to 1 Ratio 380ml Cartridge

10 to 1 Ratio 380ml Cartridge

1 to 1 ratio Co-Axial plastic resin cartridge
2 to 1 ratio Co-Axial Resin Cartridge
4 to 1 ratio Co-Axial Cartridge
10 to 1 ratio two component container

1:1 Ratio

2:1 Ratio

4:1 Ratio

10:1 Ratio

Find out more information on the features page about how the 5 Mix two component cartridge dispensing system will improve the performance of your 2 part reactive resin, adhesive or sealant.


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