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5 Mix Co-Axial cartridge - Features and Advantages

Multiple Outlet Port - Find out more
This patent pending technology is at the heart of the 5 Mix Co-axial dispensing system. The Multiple Outlet Port “pre-splits” both materials within one another (whilst still keeping them apart for long-term storage). When dispensed, the pre-split materials are equally diffused within one another giving faster and more efficient mixing through any design of static mixing nozzle. Find out more about how the Multiple Outlet Port works. Also, see the difference on the nozzle comparison page.
Universal Dispenser- Find out more
This patent pending feature centres around a clever cartridge piston design, that allows one Universal Dispenser to be used regardless of the cartridge ratio required. NO alteration is required in any way to switch between say, a one to one ratio cartridge and a two to one ratio cartridge. Additionally, the pistons have been designed to be backward compatible with most existing single-ratio Co-Axial dispensers. Find out more about our Universal Dispensers.
Self Alignment System - Find out more
The Self Alignment System is another Patent Pending feature of the 5 Mix system and is incorporated within the Multiple Outlet Port. The main benefit comes when a cartridge is only partially used and the sealing plug must be re-fitted. The specially designed central spike makes sure that the plug is orientated perfectly every time with minimal operator effort, ensuring a total seal from the atmosphere. Discover how the Self Alignment System works.

Colour Coded Pistons

To assist users and customers identify the specific ratio cartridge, 5 Mix have incorperated a unique colour coding system on the pistons across the product range. This gives an easy visual indication of the actual cartridge ratio being dispensed. See the colour/ratio details.



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