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22 November 2004

5 Mix announce new disposable two component cartridge

2 part adhesive cartridge5 Mix, manufacturer of plastic disposable cartridges for reactive 2-part resins, sealants, epoxies and acrylics has developed a new cartridge specifically to offer improved dispensing.

5 Mix has developed and released to market a novel new design of disposable plastic dispensing cartridge for 2-part reactive materials. Available with a 380ml total capacity and 1:1 ratio by volume, the cartridge incorporates a patent pending outlet port design that pre-splits the different compounds into multiple beads. This pre-splitting results in improved mixing of the two compounds, enabling shorter mixing nozzles to be used, with a corresponding reduction in waste and improved product performance.

The 5 Mix cartridge utilises a co-axial format, whereby one compound is filled in an inner tube and the second compound is filled between the inner and outer tube. The front is sealed by a unique outlet plug, which features a patent pending self-alignment spike to facilitate easy re-assembly and sealing when the entire contents of the cartridge are not required.

Existing designs of twin cartridges in the market all feature single outlet port designs, where each compound comes out of one semi-circular hole. In contrast, the 5 Mix cartridge pre-splits the two compounds into ten uniform wedge shaped parts that are interlaced within one another. The resulting pattern means that the orientation of the mixing nozzle (which typically contains a number of opposing spiral elements) becomes non-critical and mixing start immediately. Subsequent mixing down the nozzle is also improved.

Another major benefit of the cartridge is when the two compounds have different viscosities. The pre-splitting design eliminates the effect of jetting, which is where pockets of each compound pass through the nozzle with no mixing taking place at all. This phenomenon has to be avoided at all costs, and the normal solution is to increase the viscosity of the thinner compound to closely match the thicker compound. The downside to this method is the corresponding increased effort required by the operator to dispense the product. By using the 5 Mix cartridge and pre-splitting the compounds without increasing the viscosity, less effort is required to dispense.

Further cartridges in volumetric ratios of 10:1, 4:1 and 2:1 are currently in development and should be available during early 2005. 5 Mix will also develop specialised custom ratios to match customers’ specific requirements and will readily offer assistance and advice for all dispensing problems.

For further information or to request a sample, visit the 5 Mix site at: www.5mix.com

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