To cater for the fisherman who demands the best available equipment, 5 Mix has developed the ultimate dispensing applicators that allow anglers to produce boilies in record time! AIR POWERED or MANUAL guns available. All are UK manufactured to professional specifications, but feature a unique piston arrangement, specifically developed to offer superior long-term performance.
Also now available is a THREE WAY NOZZLE ADAPTOR to improve productivity even further.
If you would like to talk through your exact requirements, then please feel free to phone us on 01635 861 888.

Each item is detailed with the associated shipping cost. Please note we only make one charge for shipping. So if you order a gun plus some spare nozzles, you will only be charged once for delivery.

Boilie Bait Guns

An excellent solution for the fisherman that requires high productivity, combined with effortless dispensing. This gun is a modification of a specialist caulking applicator that has been re-engineered to give superb chemical resistance against all types of additives used in bait manufacture. It has a total capacity of 1 litrel and has an integral speed adjuster (pressure regulator) to achieve the ideal flow of material. Please note, a suitable air compressor is required to operate this product.

Tip: We get asked by many people on what compressor to buy. Basically, ANY compressor with a storage tank of at least 20 litres and at least 100psi pressure. Smaller storage tanks will still work, but on starting a run, the pressure will initially drop in the compressor before ramping back up. This will result in slower dispensing before gradually speeding up.

Price: £120.00 + £15.00 Shipping (tracked next day)
• Rugged metal handle and aluminium barrel.
• High-pressure seals for a long life.
• 1 litre capacity.
Fitted with a 8.6bar (125 psi) adjustable regulator to give a massive force of upto 183Kg (depending on the air pressure from the compressor).
• 3 Tapered nozzles included - These can be cut back to give the exact boilie size required.
• Fully adjustable flow via the regulator.
• Rapid release of air when the trigger is released - Stops "flow-on"
• Full spares availability and more importantly - Technical advice.
Professionally made applicator, with a very high trigger power to minimise the hand effort required by the user to dispense sausages onto the rolling table. Dedicated plunger arrangement for improved dispensing at high powers. Engineered for excellent chemical resistance against all types of additives. It has a maximum capacity of 600ml per full barrel load.
NOTE: You will see other boilie guns in the market for similar or less money. These are inferior quality and are not as powerful as the 5 Mix gun.

Price: £45.00 + £7.50 Shipping
• Rugged ergonomic metal handle for comfortable use.
• 26:1 high power format. Gives over 300 Kg force
• Quality all metal high power mechanism.
• High-pressure plunger for a long trouble free life.
• 3 Tapered nozzles included - These can be cut back to give the exact boilie size required.
After several requests, 5 Mix have developed an adaptor that screws directly on to the barrel that enables three sausages to be extruded at the same time. As well as increasing the boilie output, another major benefit is operator effort is significantly reduced when using a hand gun. For people making large volume of baits, or where there simply is not enough time, then this clever part is ideal to take your production to the next level. Built to last a lifetime.

Price: £40.00 + £7.50 Shipping

• Precision manufactured from high-grade aluminium for long life.
• Accurate threads to stop the adaptor popping off.
• Supplied with 3 tapered nozzles that can be cut to any size up to 22mm.
• Fits directly on all types of metal barrel dispensing guns.
• Internal seal to make sure no mix oozes around the thread.

Boilie Bait Guns accessories & spares

Standard nozzles and common spares to keep bait production going.
All Nozzles or spares £3.50 shipping - Free if ordered with a gun.
Yellow Witches hat nozzle
For sausages up to 35mm.
Pack of 5 Nozzles
£5.00 (per pack)
Grey Nozzle
For sausages up to 22mm
Pack of 5 Nozzles
£5.00 (per pack)

High strength precision cap to hold nozzles in place.
If your bait is by passing the plunger and fouling the piston, then there is a good chance that the Green plunger is damaged or worn. The black piston seal is also supplied to eliminate compressed air coming past the piston and causing "popping" while dispensing

Kit also includes tether cord that must be attached to the rear of the gun.

Pistons can become damaged if you eject from the barrel at high speed. For longevity, only use very low pressures to eject piston.

High pressure regulator to improve dispensing speed.

If air can be heard escaping from the rear of the gun when the trigger is pressed, then there is a good chance the regulator is damaged.

Note that before ordering a regulator, it is worth removing the rear assembly and checking that the green diaphragm is located centrally in the plastic housing as this also can cause leaks

This small green diaphragm is located underneath the regulator and allows for the quick exhaust of compressed air.

Caution - When fitting, the diaphragm must be installed centrally in the recess to function correctly.

Boilie guns – Air or hand powered

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