Seek N Seal Acrylic C120 is a self-penetrating, low shrinkage, two pack anaerobic Impregnant that cold cures in the absence of air. Available as a searching Impregnant or Thixotropic gel for Impregnant blocking/damming purposes or other such uses. May be ordered independently. Simple to use. Order 2 Pack 50ml Cartridge or 10ml Syringe – mixing of Impregnant / gel occurs within the ‘use-once’ nozzle on application. C120 has the viscosity thinner than water thus allowing deep penetration with in the cavity. Curing 2 to 3 minutes. Can be refrigerated to extend cure time. Unaffected by solar radiation.

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10ml Acrylic C120 Impregnant£17.10
10ml Acrylic C120 Gel£17.10
Additional Nozzles x10£5.00
50ML C120 CARTRIDGE (requires dispensing Gun)
50ml Acrylic C120 Impregnant£33.60
50ml Acrylic C120 Gel£33.60
Additional Nozzles x10£7.50
50ml Professional Applictor Gun£28.80